Convert Missed Calls into Sales Opportunities With Text Messages

Transform missed calls into valuable opportunities with our advanced Missed Call-to-Text message service. Our cutting-edge solution ensures every call is acknowledged and addressed, even when you cannot answer. By promptly delivering personalized text messages to your callers, you can significantly enhance customer engagement, provide personalized communication, ensure 24/7 availability, experience easy integration, and require no additional equipment. Discover the efficient, effective, and essential way to convert missed calls into sales opportunities

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Why Missed Call-to-Text Message Service Is Vital To Business Growth

Every missed call is a potential lost sale. With missed call automation, you can capture and convert these missed calls into sales opportunities. By promptly responding to missed calls with personalized text message service, you engage with potential customers, address their needs, and guide them toward purchasing. This leads to increased conversions and revenue generation.


Missed call text back eliminates the need for additional staff to manage missed calls. With an automated system in place, you can handle a high volume of calls without increasing your workforce. This leads to cost savings in terms of hiring and training expenses. Additionally, converting missed calls into sales opportunities can generate more revenue without incurring additional marketing or advertising costs.

Ready to take your connections and profits to the next level? Experience how the Enzak platform can help your business grow like never before.

Use Cases

Meal-Time Rush

In busy restaurants and cafes, the staff may be overwhelmed during peak hours, making it difficult to answer every incoming call. By utilizing Missed Call-to-Text message service, callers receive an automated text message acknowledging their call and providing prompt assistance.

Business Influx & Staffing Concerns

Missed call-to-text message service offers an effective solution for businesses facing influx or staffing challenges. By converting missed calls into text messages, businesses can ensure that no customer inquiries or leads go unattended. Missed call-to-text message service reduces the chances of losing potential business opportunities and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely responses.

After-Hours Inquiries

Many customers tend to contact businesses outside of regular operating hours. With Missed Call-to-Text message, the customer receives a personalized text message even if a call goes unanswered. This message can contain information about alternative ways to connect with the business, such as online booking options or directing them to relevant resources.

Custom Message for Unanswered Calls

Instead of leaving callers with a busy signal, businesses can use Missed Call-to-Text message services to play a customized voice message when unavailable. This message can be updated regularly to reflect ongoing events, promotions, or any other relevant information. After the call, the system automatically sends a text message to phone number to the caller, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

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Experience our unique Missed Call text back service, perfect for increasing sales. With our service:

-Play a custom voice greeting.
-Dispatch your text message instantly.
-During and after hours text messages.
-Integrates with any phone system.
-No new equipment necessary.
-No call ever goes unnoticed.
-Enhance customer service effortlessly.

Embark on a simplified journey towards efficient and effective customer communication.

Why Choose Us

Enhance Customer Engagement

Our Missed Call-to-Text message service enables you to deliver personalized communication to your callers, fostering a deeper level of customer engagement. Each caller receives a customized text message that promptly acknowledges their query or order, ensuring their needs are addressed professionally and promptly.

Deliver Personalized Communication

We understand the importance of delivering personalized communication to your customers. With our Missed Call-to-Text message service, you can utilize customizable text message templates that align with your brand's tone and style. This personalized response ensures that your customers receive a warm and consistent experience, strengthening their connection to your business.

Ensure 24/7 Availability

Don't miss out on potential customers just because your business is closed. Our Missed Call-to-Text message service works tirelessly around the clock, ensuring that your customers are taken care of regardless of your operating hours. You can provide them with relevant information and online booking options or simply assure them that their inquiry will be addressed promptly during business hours.

Experience Easy Integration

Implementing our Missed Call-to-Text message service is a seamless process that requires minimal effort. We provide a user-friendly platform that allows you to set up and activate the service quickly. You can start reaping the benefits without the need for any additional equipment or complicated setup procedures.

Instant Lead Capture

When potential customers call but fail to reach a live agent, missed call automation steps in. It captures the caller's information, including their phone number, time of call, and other relevant details. This information can then be used to initiate immediate follow-ups, ensuring that no potential lead is left unattended. By promptly reaching out to these leads, businesses can convert them into actual sales opportunities.

No Additional Equipment Required

Our Missed Call-to-Text message service is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing phone service or device. There's no need to invest in additional equipment or make significant changes to your infrastructure. You can activate our service immediately and begin converting missed calls into valuable sales opportunities.

Connect Better With Your Customers

Discover how the Enzak platform can help you grow your business like never before.
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What Our Clients Says?

dental clinic missed call text back
Dr Ashley B
At our dental clinic, we often missed important calls due to being with patients. Enzak’s Missed Call-to-Text service was a game-changer. It ensured that every missed call turned into an opportunity, with personalized texts that kept our clients informed and engaged. Since implementing Enzak’s solution, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in patient appointments and a significant improvement in patient satisfaction. This service is efficient, user-friendly, and has integrated seamlessly into our practice, making it essential for our business growth.
law firm missed call text back
Micheal S
In our law firm, missing a call could mean losing a potential client. Thanks to Enzak’s innovative service, we’ve transformed these missed opportunities into successful client engagements. Their Missed Call-to-Text solution automatically sends personalized messages to our callers, ensuring they feel acknowledged and valued. This has not only enhanced our client relations but also significantly increased our lead conversion rate. Enzak’s service is a perfect blend of efficiency and personalization, making it indispensable for our firm’s operations.
Plumbing Contractor Testimonial
Zack J
As a plumbing service, responding promptly to calls is crucial. Enzak’s Missed Call-to-Text service has ensured we never miss a client’s need, even during after-hours. This has led to a noticeable increase in customer trust and a surge in service requests. It’s a simple yet highly effective solution for our business.
General Contractor Testimonia
Christopher Z
Enzak’s service has revolutionized how we handle client communications. Their Missed Call-to-Text feature means we’re always responsive, even when we’re on a job site. This has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and helped us manage more projects efficiently.
Missed call text back for restraints
Nancy F
For our restaurant, managing call inflows during peak hours was always challenging. With Enzak’s Missed Call-to-Text, we’ve turned this challenge into an advantage. Our customers receive immediate, personalized text responses, which has greatly enhanced their dining experience and increased our takeout orders.

Our Pricing

Missed Call To Text Service

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This Service Includes:


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/ Per Month

This Service Includes:

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Frequently asked questions

Our Missed Call-to-Text service allows you to customize the text message templates to align with your brand’s tone and style, ensuring a personalized and consistent experience for your customers.
Absolutely! Our service enables you to create separate text message templates for business hours and after-hours, ensuring that your customers receive relevant and helpful information based on when they call.

Changing your voice greeting is easy and can be done anytime! Simply updated the text in your voice greeting section via our user-friendly platform, and our intelligent voice AI system will convert it into your new voice greeting. This allows you to adapt to special events, promotions, or changes in business hours.

Yes, We have 6 high quality AI voice profiles for you to pick from. You can create your greeting and play samples of it in any of the 6 voices. We are also able to set a custom recorded voice greeting as well. You would provide us a MP3 for the during hours and one for after hours.

No, our Missed Call-to-Text service is designed to work seamlessly without any additional headcount. It operates automatically, ensuring your customers are taken care of even when your staff is busy or unavailable.

Yes, We can set up your account to send a SMS text message using your own IVR Interactive Voice Response. Please reach out to support to set this function up on your account.

No, our “Missed Calls to Text” service operates on a 1-way outgoing text message system. When your business doesn’t answer a call, our system automatically send a fully customizable text message to the caller like you see on the left as an example. This can direct them to various services like booking appointments, ordering online, or reserving a table. The primary aim is to streamline your operations without the need for additional staff or tasks. We’re here to help your customers find answers efficiently and effortlessly.

Enzak is compliant with A2P 10DLC regulations. This ensures that Enzak utilizes 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers, which are essential for local business texting campaigns. To align with this system, Enzak has registered a 10DLC local number with The Campaign Registry, the authoritative database for such campaigns. Furthermore, all messages sent via Enzak are approved by a mobile network operator, adhering to the necessary standards for A2P 10DLC compliance.

No, you don’t need a Twilio account to use our services. At Enzak, we are a direct SMS provider. We’ve designed our platform to be incredibly user-friendly and efficient, meaning there’s no need for you to set up any external integrations or Zapier. Everything you need is available within our easy-to-use portal, streamlining the process for you. We handle all the technical aspects, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business and enhancing customer communication.

No, you do not need a Zapier account. Enzak does all the heavy lifting for you and provides direct SMS services without the need for external integrations like Zapier, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Absolutely! Enzak is designed to work seamlessly with any Landline, VOIP & Mobile phone, with no need for additional equipment or complex setups.

Customers will always call your regular business phone number—the one you’ve traditionally used. Enzak assigns a virtual number to your campaign, but this operates behind the scenes. This virtual number is cleverly used to seamlessly forward missed calls and to send out text messages, without your customers ever knowing that it happened. Thus, while your primary contact number remains the main line of communication, our system ensures that no call goes unanswered by discreetly utilizing the virtual number when a missed call occurs.

Yes, Enzak provides detailed analytics, including metrics like click-through rates and user location, to help you gauge the effectiveness of your messages.

Currently, we are offering Enzak Missed Call Text Back in the United States of America and Canada. We do have plans to add other countries as we see demand for it. If you would like to request your country to be added please send a request in our contact us form. Thank you.

Please dial the below phone number from a cell phone to test the system now!​

By calling the number, you agree to receive text messages from us regarding our services. Standard text messaging rates may apply.