SMS Open Rates for Small Business: The Overlooked Potential

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SMS Open Rates VS Email and Direct Mail

SMS Open Rates for Small Business: The Overlooked Potential

Picture of Enzak Team

Enzak Team

In the digital era, there are plenty of ways to make your brand stand out from the competition and stay ever closer to your clients. In the long run — building a thriving business from the ground up, besides persistence and dedication, also demands a solid marketing strategy. The incredibly high percentage of SMS open rates vs. email and mail is often unfairly neglected.

Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. Even though it may initially seem a bit outdated, SMS remains one of the most potent tools to keep in touch with all the inquiring customers. Stay on top of your game and increase the chances of turning missed calls into sealed deals with our intuitive automated text message response system!

Numbers Don’t Lie

Customer engagement is a crucial aspect of any business. Capturing the attention of potential clients in the world of diverse and ever-evolving communications isn’t easy. We’re here to help you make an informed and educated decisions when it comes you growing your small business. Without delving too much into the variety of marketing strategies, let’ check the open rates stats for the most commonly used communication platforms: direct mail, email, and SMS.

Traditional Mail Open Rates

What was once an essential form of communication and advertisement doesn’t seem to have stood the test of time. People prefer digital interactions and often see direct mail campaigns as an unnecessary waste of resources. The traditional mail open rates rarely exceed the humble 5% mark.

Email Open Rates

It takes quite some time to establish a healthy base of regular customers to communicate with via email. Even once you’ve achieved this, the client engagements with these marketing solutions are dwindling over the years. Due to often overcrowded inboxes and spam filters, email open rates rarely reach above 15%.

SMS Open Rates

In this aspect, the humble text messages blow the competition away by a staggering margin. Regardless of the text, the SMS open rates are at mind-blowing 98%, and over 90% of messages are read within the first 3 minutes of delivery.

While these results may come off as a surprise, the numbers don’t lie. SMS marketing is a potent tool you should definitely consider incorporating into your small business. The immediate follow-up text communication after a missed call remains an unparalleled method for making sure your clients receive all the information required.

Email Marketing Downsides

Sending out newsletters to loyal customers is a great way of letting them in on your latest services, products, and promotions. Collecting client information and addresses is a crucial part of it, though. To make this strategy positively impact your business, you have to do it on a larger scale, which requires substantial infrastructure. In recent years, however, the open rates of emails have steadily diminished due to several factors.

Let’s analyze this issue from a client’s perspective. We rarely, if ever read all the emails received at the moment’s notice unless we’re expecting something particularly important. The inbox is often flooded with promotions and newsletters from various websites, so we don’t really pay much attention to each and every one of them. Even if you regularly check your inbox, the potentially interesting stuff may get filtered as spam, leaving us oblivious.

Traditional Mail in the Modern Era

Once a cornerstone of communication is facing many difficulties to adapt and stay relevant in the digital age. Direct mail seems obsolete in the modern era of digital marketing, especially once you’ve considered the alternatives. Nowadays it’s natural to get any piece of information we need in merely a few clicks. The limitations of traditional mail such as long delivery times and negative environmental impact are making it retro, and not in a cool way either.

Even if there weren’t for all of the aforementioned flaws, the cost/benefit factor is also very unfavorable compared to our automated SMS reply service. When you’re starting a new business every investment matters, therefore it’s important to spend the hard-earned cash optimally. Direct mail seems to be obsolete in the age of digital marketing unless you’re sending flyers in the package with the products already on the way to the customers.

Texts Go a Long Way: Harnessing the SMS Open Rates

As aforementioned, the SMS open rates are staggeringly high compared to emails and direct mail. It remains the most direct and personal form of communication, with the obvious exceptions of phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Missing phone calls happen more frequently than one might imagine, and this is when our automated text message response system kicks in.

Accompanied by a voice greeting, the inquiring customers will instantly receive follow-up texts after failing to reach you. Since the research suggests that over 90% of potential customers will open the text, crafting the SMS response to keep the clients engaged is particularly important. Create a message that reflects your brand identity, incorporate concise and useful information, or even short and catchy jokes to captivate the readers’ attention.

With the variety of SMS response templates readily available on our platform, it’s easy to find one, and quickly modify it to accommodate your line of work. You can create two sets of voice and text messages for both working and after-hours. Harnessing the untapped and often overlooked potential of SMS open rates has never been easier!


It’s obvious that the unrivaled potential of astonishingly high SMS open rates is a trend you want to consider incorporating in your daily practices. To wrap it up, we’ll try to provide a quick list of benefits that will entice you to rethink your small business marketing strategy.

  • The receivers read over 90% of texts within the first 3 minutes of them
  • Personalized digital communication at an unparalleled level
  • Compelling SMS goes a long way when it comes to captivating potential clients
  • Inquiring customers feel valued and appreciated with the instant text message reply after a missed call
  • No missed call remains unattended, regardless of the working hours
  • The ability to incorporate all the useful information, links, and calls to action in a concise manner

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