Visual Voicemail and Missed Call Text Back for Restaurants: Reap the Benefits

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Enzak Team

Visual Voicemail and Missed Call Text Back benefits for restaurant owners

Visual Voicemail and Missed Call Text Back for Restaurants: Reap the Benefits

Picture of Enzak Team

Enzak Team

In this post we’ll elaborate on the benefits of using missed call text back and visual voicemail for restaurant owners. First of all, we’d like to commend you on the bravery of even starting your own business. Most people don’t have the guts to take that leap of faith or simply don’t believe they have what it takes. There are so many aspects of any business you might easily overlook regardless of the meticulous preparation. Some days are roller-coasters of emotions, and the stress often becomes a natural state of being. However, every day of managing is an opportunity to learn and improve.

Fortunately, in the information era, there are plenty of techs available to help out with your everyday hustle. Here at ENZAK, our mission is to improve your small to medium-sized business with a simple yet effective software solution. The idea behind it is that no potential inquiry remains unattended, and the goal is maximizing your potential revenue. We provide one-way automated visual voicemail response accompanied by a missed call text back that. One might think that texts are just a relic of the past, and oh boy, are they wrong! If you’re one of them, learning more about the overlooked potential of SMS open rates will certainly make you think twice!

Negative Financial Impact of Missed Orders

Even the seemingly negligible number of missed orders daily can amount to substantial loss of profits over time. Let’s assume that for whatever reason your restaurant will miss 3 calls a day. It’s not all that hard to think of a realistic scenario this might happen, a bathroom break for example. Now if an average family order is worth around $60, you might have somewhere around $30 in pure profits. Let’s break down the negative impact of lacking an automated missed call text back and visual voicemail service. The math is pretty simple, and the numbers don’t lie.

  • 3 missed calls a day equal an average of $90 in clean profit
  • At this rate weekly loss of profit amounts to $560
  • After a month, this number rises to a substantial $2,700
  • In 6 months after missing just 3 calls a day, you lost $16,200 in profits

When you look at it this way it kind of hits hard, and makes you ponder upon the missed opportunities. Finding out late is better than never, so it’s really nothing to be bummed about. We sincerely hope that our simple breakdown of negative financial impact of missed calls helped you detect the lucrative profits you’ve been missing out on. The untapped potential behind simple yet missed call text back service is just a few clicks away. The best moment to start implementing improvements to your business is always right away!

Seize Every Opportunity with Missed Call Text Back

If a customer is hungry and you don’t pick up the phone, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get another chance to take the order. In such a competitive business, there are plenty of alternatives readily available. Regardless of how delicious your dishes are, people won’t hesitate to turn elsewhere for a similar service. When your business is making mouthwatering food, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Failing to answer to order requests impacts your brand reputation quite negatively, to say the least.

If a potential customer receives an instant missed call text back, there’s about 98% chance that they’ll actually read it. This enables you to captivate their attention for just a while longer with a specifically tailored SMS reply. Include a witty excuse of why you were unable to pick up, menu prices, and even outbound links. With a variety of customizable templates available on our intuitive platform, you won’t have trouble finding the one to quickly adjust to your needs.

Enhance Customers Trust with Visual Voicemail

Whether it’s a first time customer or a regular, developing a trustworthy relationship is the key to success in restaurant running business. First impressions are especially important. If you fail to send a captivating message the first time, it’s highly unlikely the customers will give you another shot. That’s why we developed a two-step response system, as sort of a 1-2 punch that catches the catches the briefly disappointed unanswered callers off guard.

The automated missed call text back is accompanied by a visual voicemail that’s also really easy to set up. Even in the modern day when everything’s available at the click of a button, visual voicemail helps you connect with inquiring customers at a personal level, and this is especially important in your line of work. Trust is really hard to gain, and it can go all be in vain after just a seemingly harmless missed call.

Act Now and Increase Profits with 80% off for the First Month!

We’re aware that you must plan your budget wisely when you’re building a business from ground up. Therefore, we’re offering you a 1-month 80% discount on our missed call text back and visual voicemail service. If you made it this far, you’re probably come to know that the potential it unlocks for restaurant owners is huge! Modern technologies really do help a business flourish, and it’s up to you to choose the ones with the greatest cost-benefit ratio.

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